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Jonathan's Gifts

Family Connect is honored to host this wonderful program originally founded by the Ingram family in memory of their son. Through Jonathan's Gifts, Family Connect is able to provide Christmas gifts for local families who may not have received any otherwise. 

Little Girl with Christmas Present

Jonathan's Gifts is a program that was born out of a heartbreaking loss of a child. The Ingram family began this project in 2021 out of their home and successfully provided gifts to 125 children across 35 families. In 2022, after Family Connect and the Ingram family partnered together and began preparations to reach a goal of 250 children, Hurricane Ian unexpectedly hit SWFL and devastated thousands. Though we weren't sure what would be possible, we worked tirelessly to continue with our plans and managed to provide gifts for 364 children. In 2023 we had a goal of 500 children finding gifts under the tree Christmas morning and with the help of many generous donors we were able to provide a Christmas miracle to nearly 530 kids! We will be ready to start working on the 2024 season near September and look forward to the many volunteers, sponsors and donors making it another special year.

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