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How We Help

Family Connect SWFL is an active part of the SWFL community. We are committed to connecting families with much-needed resources through intentional fundraising initiatives, volunteering, and resource drives that serve our community.



Through our Adopt-A-Grandparent program volunteers and staff connect with the elderly through community events, volunteerism and holiday socials.
Programs include:

  • Flowergram

  • Holiday Social

  • Community Connection

Moms Connect SWFL

Through our Mom Connect initiative, we have developed a virtual and in-person network for moms in different seasons of life to connect and find support through events, donation drives, and other initiatives.

Programs include:

  • Village Connect

  • Resource Seminars

  • Family Support



Looking for volunteers or support for a community initiative? Contact our board! Family Connect SWFL is always looking for more ways to support and serve our local community.

Fundraising & Resource Drives

Family Connect SWFL can be found supporting individuals and organizations throughout our SWFL community. Connect with our team to nominate a family or organization for us to support.

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